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Today, I got out my circle making device (a rope and stake) and measured off the outside radius and the inside radius (of the planting mound), which means everything inside of the inner radius will be the mulch/compost pit. Using the second countryside organics bag that was nearly empty (thankfully buckets were invented), I laid down the weed barrier and started mounding the dirt from the pit onto where the planting will occur. It will be about 3 feet wide at the base and maybe 2-3 feet high. The overall diameter of the outer circle is 12 feet and the mulch/compost pit will be about 6 feet across and maybe 3 feet deep, though, everything at the bottom will be stuck in an anaerobic state under water. The water level was still 16 inches below grade but you can tell by the darker (wet) dirt up higher that it looks to be about 10 inches below grade with our current weather situation. So hopefully the mound combined with grade will give a deep enough area for roots but not become completely water logged. Not sure how the other plants that will go in (comfrey, lemongrass, cow pea and maybe taro) will do, but we must experiment and fail if we are ever to succeed. Here are some pics





And finally the birds eye view from a ladder


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So, the information started rolling in and I stumbled upon a meet up group for the Naples area and now the wheels are turning.

After the sun went down ( not any cooler since I have to completely cover up against mosquitos), I started the first path in the middle of what will be two banana circles.

Here is the pano with the circles drawn. This approximately 1/3 acres is almost entirely in standing water from now until October except this figure 8 of higher ground. So when I dig out the 2 mulch pits in the circle centers, I’ll be able to get it up slightly higher. I will do those and probably wait another month to see where the water table is then.


Underneath the mulch is the paper bag from our countryside organics feed. It seemed to be the perfect width for a foot path and what better way to recycle an organic feed bag?!



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