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So I went out and got a truck full of horse manure today and put layer two on the garden.



After the manure I put a layer of top soil and then, to protect my seedlings from our destructive chickens, a cattle panel that fits exactly over



The beds are the exact width too for our chicken tractor, so after growing is done, we can let them corralled in there to dig up the soil and contribute some more manure

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We’re trying to get away for a few days next month and before that time I’ve got to get some garden beds going and get Duckingham Palace at least partially built. The major growing season in florida is coming up this winter and October is getting to be the very latest to start plants. I have two big beds created from cinder block border in zone 1. I am going to layer it this way: about 1 block height of mulch, then half a block height of manure and then some fill dirt/sand/top soil for the final half block height. My thinking is this, with all that mulch at the bottom there should remain a descent supply of moisture, along with the horse manure which should have nutrients and hold some more moisture and then the top layer which will hopefully provide the air layer, though with so much sand here, I may need to add some perlite to create those pockets for air. This is the start of the procedure with the block height of mulch. Underneath the mulch is a sheet mulch of cardboard to hopefully squash some of the weeds in the area. The beds are 13 blocks long and 3 blocks sandwiched into those long sides, 64 blocks total per bed. The imperial measurement of the growing area is about 3’11” by 15’7″. I have two of these situated between rows of trees in our orchard.


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Major animal loses

Recently a bobcat has started coming onto our land and over the past 5 weeks or so we have lost 3 chickens, a male duck and an unknown sexed goose. I personally caught the cat in the act with the goose on Friday the 13th. I was able to scare the bobcat into dropping the bird, so at least he didn’t get the meal and I was able to bury it for soil enrichment. The downside is, it died in my arms while I was carrying it 😦 Sad times. We are currently looking at ways to protect them.

Here is the suspect


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