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So I went out and got a truck full of horse manure today and put layer two on the garden.



After the manure I put a layer of top soil and then, to protect my seedlings from our destructive chickens, a cattle panel that fits exactly over



The beds are the exact width too for our chicken tractor, so after growing is done, we can let them corralled in there to dig up the soil and contribute some more manure


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We’re trying to get away for a few days next month and before that time I’ve got to get some garden beds going and get Duckingham Palace at least partially built. The major growing season in florida is coming up this winter and October is getting to be the very latest to start plants. I have two big beds created from cinder block border in zone 1. I am going to layer it this way: about 1 block height of mulch, then half a block height of manure and then some fill dirt/sand/top soil for the final half block height. My thinking is this, with all that mulch at the bottom there should remain a descent supply of moisture, along with the horse manure which should have nutrients and hold some more moisture and then the top layer which will hopefully provide the air layer, though with so much sand here, I may need to add some perlite to create those pockets for air. This is the start of the procedure with the block height of mulch. Underneath the mulch is a sheet mulch of cardboard to hopefully squash some of the weeds in the area. The beds are 13 blocks long and 3 blocks sandwiched into those long sides, 64 blocks total per bed. The imperial measurement of the growing area is about 3’11” by 15’7″. I have two of these situated between rows of trees in our orchard.


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Here are a few current pics.

The passion fruit will be 8 weeks in the middle of July. Not sure why the one is shrinking and wrinkled.



The Anna apple


And two Dorsett Golden apples



The pineapple doesn’t have a fruit stalk yet but a sucker is coming out from the base



This creepy spider was on the Barbados Cherry bush and some very tiny flower buds are starting to form



And finally a Valencia orange, which seems way behind where it should be for this time of year.


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The banana (dwarf nam wah) is growing quite nicely, as the heat is here and it continues to get water a couple of times a week. The height is just under 6 feet and the size of that biggest leaf in the upper left side of the following picture is 4 feet.


There are several pups and one already taken off a few weeks ago. The plant was put into dirt around the first of October 2012.




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Last spring I tried in a container with a mix of peat, perlite and composted manure and was able to get them to grow to about 3 feet tall but the biggest cucumber I got was maybe 3 inches. This year, I planted them in a mound of local topsoil I purchased and they had overhead sprinklers on them. This time around they maxed out 6-12 inches and not a single fruit. They had a flower or two show up but then petered out and died. Not sure what is going on. Seems some people grow them in Florida like 31 produce is growing them and others can’t get them to grow at all like me. The watermelon are in the same mound and same overhead sprinkler and they’ve gotten to about 18 inches now and may show flowers soon.

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So I noticed today the fruit had fallen off the vine. I didn’t think it was actually ready as the color was still mostly green with barely any purple to it. Cut it open and it surely smelled like the ones from last year from the mother plant. Tasted very nicely IMO if not a bit tart.

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So a week ago I planted some sweet corn and beans in the middle of the potato patch. Think 5 corn and 7 beans sprouted so far a week later.





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